In no particular order: #11 Leonardo DiCaprio - Django Unchained fd75be2565dbdcd6d0e5ab707310fc442f5b8c6f There is a scene in the movie when DiCaprio slams his hand down very hard on a table, causing him to cut his hand on broken glass.  He stayed in character, the directors and editors of the film left it in because it added to the scene. #10 Robert Downey Jr - Iron Man 3 bcc03e3040d64203bb90c5ed7f0d7d790543e0bc Filming was brought to a stop after an ankle injury sustained after a stunt. He had to recuperate for 6 weeks before returning. #9 Brad Pitt - Se7en and Troy 8a5ca394c646f482d54b6d2db7f9f62313d52d37-1 Brad has more than one injury he can blame on his career, while filming Se7en he broke his arm, rather than disrupting filming they actually wrote it into the script. Ironically while fiming Troy Pitt injures his Achilles tendon! #8 George Clooney - Syriana a06ccf2f1b90b8c4a3e4c78c032948bf2edea305 Clooney suffered a broken spine when filming Syriana and was bed bound for a month. It's alleged he was in so much pain he even considered suicide. #7 Halle Berry - Gothika


Berry and Robert Downey Jr's scene in the mental ward became all too real when he is twisting her arm. While filming he actually broke her arm, filming stopped until she was healed! #6 Sylvester Stallone - Rocky IV 5ecc57dbcb430325d15d6bc08507b3b286eb7ff6 Stallone spent eight days in an intensive care unit after Dolph Lundgren punched him in the chest.  He suffered from severely high blood pressure a swollen heart as a result. #5 Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Premium Rush d36d36bebb45696ab75e2f775ee826a05b02953c Jospeh flew through the back window of a taxi after crashing his bike causing 13 stitches to his arm. The accident was caused by diplomat driving through a closed set. #4 Nicole Kidman - Moulin Rouge 85c37b534ab66b4afc70ca776552742f4722e36a During the filming Nicole ended up with her knee in a cast and two fractured ribs, hence she spends so much time sitting in the movie. #3 Russell Crowe - Cinderella Man f839176aee74ad9187126979106a73321f4baf52 While sparring in preparation for the movie Crowe dislocated his shoulder requiring surgery to fix the damage and pushing filming back by seven weeks. #2 Sienna Miller - G.I. Joe 059f3c295c60cf8f9425a790f31f2f635a166f7e Sienna suffered two different injuries while filming first slipping on a rubber bullet and injuring her hand then her chest catching on fire during a pyro accident. #1 Viggo Mortensen - The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers 58f8e0ef98e942dc52cf90823f55f185f29c66ba During the Orcs funeral pyre scene he kicked a helmet so hard he broke several toes. Not his only incident during the movie he also broke one of his teeth and almost drowned.   But acting is easy, right?

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11 accidents actors have suffered while filming

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  • 5th October 2015 at 2:43 pm

    people think it’s all red carpets and parties, they have no idea how tough it really is and that’s without even considering the lack of sleep!


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