I'm sure you'll be aware of most of these but lets take a look through them anyhow 🙂 Helmets are a pain nffydyvojk6mtwxrrqlyrijvtks5su8ormpwubiy In the first photo we see one of the most famous filming mistakes in film history is when a Stormtrooper accidentally bumps his head on the door as the troops make their way into a room. Most likely this was caused by poor visibility while wearing the helmet, amusingly enough on the DVD release they've even added a thump noise when he hits the wall. In the photo on the right it's the scene when the tractor beam pulls the Millennium Falcon into the Death Star, Stormtroopers are shown walking in a hallway and one is holding on to his helmet struggling to keep it in a position which he can actually see through.  This happens in bigger numbers, costumes/uniforms for extras although surprisingly good quality are far from made to fit, often helmets will be too large etc.   Dead men can still move xgymj90emlphtvbmadyt At the end of the first movie's opening battle, Darth Vader and his imperial Troops take control of the rebel ship and Darth Vader kills the rebel leader then throws him against the wall but the "dead" leader puts his hands up to break the impact.   Objects care nothing for your continuity rqldhhequicultm0ybl9l8pmoi8vc0zblzulkgqh When the hologram of Princess Leia is being projected onto a small table, objects on the table completely change position and quantity. Not really fair to pick on them for this, it happens in every production.   Was it me or you that got shot? aaiwxacersniulcvbsbx-1guoxpacai8ktmygloqp0 Princess Leia shoots at two Stormtroopers and clearly hits the one on the left... but instead the Trooper on the right falls. I would point the blame squarely with who ever added the laser shots during editing!   A wall prepares fef1omgxvmicbpawvogly2wocdf0m3hrmaznahxt During the battle between Darth Vader & Obi-Wan, a burnt slash mark appears on the wall to Obi-Wan's right before the lightsaber hits it.     Did that dune move? zlrknuoj4vbuwqrxfnc1u8x6ellrivix6tfrxu33 When C3PO & R2D2 crash land on Tatooine, the escape pod is on the side of a dune shortly after when the Stormtroopers begin searching the area, the escape pod is clearly on flat sand.   What magic Stormtroopers w7n5z9k9lxoqbbqjklpsboqlbpfq8iytj4nzlolm In this scene, Stormtroopers stop Obi-Wan and Luke and begin questioning them. Obi-Wan uses his Jedi mind tricks on him "not the droids you're looking for" and they are cleared to pass but in the very next shot, one of the Stormtroopers disappears. This isn't that uncommon scenes like this are filmed take after take, most likely the extra had went to the toilet and not made an Assistant Director aware or similar. Poor form from the extra. Greedo you cheapskate!


In the original film, right before Greedo is shot he's replaced with a dummy for the shot impact/explosion sadly they used a much cheaper costume for it though.   You had time to change your shirt? dw2i5hjsnilcnyc8ekhmxuj1rqyktym2bfrgwmet In the scene when Luke and Han are disguised as Stormtroopers, an officer walks by in a light grey shirt the very next shot shows that same officer in a much darker coloured shirt! Again this is probably due to shooting the scene over a period of time, most likely a different extra was grabbed to do the walk by.      

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Star Wars Mistakes

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