So I've just read the 3 books Folk'd, Folk'd Up, Completely Folk'd by Laurence Donaghy... wow that was a crazy ride... seriously it was almost like some sort of mad LSD trip from start to finish! I couldn't set the books down, totally barking mad story but so enjoyable! If you like Terry Pratchett or Douglas Adams this is probably for you.
Meet Danny Morrigan. Call centre worker. Young father. Danny's not entirely happy with his life. He finds himself tortured by the 'what ifs', and by one in particular - what if his casual girlfriend hadn't told him she was pregnant before he finished his university degree? What if, out of some sense of decency and not wanting to be like his own father, he hadn't 'done the right thing' and dropped out to support her and the baby? But when Danny comes home from work after a particularly bad day to find his girlfriend and baby son have vanished into thin air, it begins a series of events that quickly moves beyond a simple missing persons case. Danny begins to uncover the Morrigan family's real purpose in this world, a world of lurking danger and concealed horror, where the line between mythology and reality blur. Folk'd is the first book in the Folk'd trilogy, a darkly humorous urban fantasy set in Belfast.

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Folk’d, Folk’d Up, Completely Folk’d – Laurence Donaghy

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3 thoughts on “Folk’d, Folk’d Up, Completely Folk’d – Laurence Donaghy

    • Michael
      21st September 2015 at 4:17 pm

      Fantastic Laurence, I bought the 3 from you at Comic Con in Belfast but they were in my ‘to read’ pile which is a ridiculous stack of books but once I picked the first one up all 3 were read in a week, really good fun and enjoyed every moment of them, loved the style of humour in them 🙂

      You’ve been googling yourself, you should never google yourself, it’s not healthy 😉


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