So another course done at the weekend; Intro to Prosthetics with Dan Fyre ( HBO’s Game of Thrones, Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows, Prometheus and Brit zombie hit Shaun of the Dead. Most recently Dan has worked with Neill Gorton on Daniel Ratcliffe's latest blockbuster Victor Frankenstein)   This intensive compact two day course covered: - Design of a prosthetic - Sculpting in oil based clay - Moulding in Silicone - Running the appliance in Silicone - Application of the prosthetic - Colouring techniques - Removal of prosthetic and clean up I learnt so much over the two days, made many notes and met some great people, the course was held at/run by Titanic Creative Management #TitanicCreative great location with very friendly and helpful staff. 1. So first I sculpted the gouge using plastiline 50, I've went for a triple gouge which is quite deep in places, the pores and skin textures look excessive at this point but they're really not in the finished prosthetic. Sculpted gouge 2. I create an outer wall using wet clay, and using soft red clay I've made a little 'moat' which will give the prosthetic a thicker edge making it easier to handle.   20151205_150214_resized 3. I filled this with platinum silicone to make the mould, yeah I forgot to take a photo, sue me 🙂 although you can't see it close up you can see me removing the plastiline from the silicone mould in this photo. 12348164_10153786359074169_1796798244524898776_n 4. Applying the prosthetic to fellow student Stephanie. 12341059_10153786359454169_1929291941993724011_n 5. The finished prosthetic, I could/should have spent longer matching the skin colour, but not doing that appears to be my 'thing'. I'm still struggling with using alcohol activated make-up on all these courses as I always use cream based at home. 2015-12-09 11.15.14_resized 2015-12-09 11.16.35_resized Dan Frye also applied one of my prosthetics *note much better make-up skills! Dan Frye applying my Prosthetic Stephanie applying a very gross and pus filled prosthetic to my head 12341613_10153786359609169_1458923779889527024_n

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Intro to Prosthetics with Dan Fyre

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