I couldn't have enjoyed the first one any more than I did, or so I thought, it's one of those rare occasions when the sequel is even better than the original. This really is THE BEST NAZI ZOMBIE MOVIE EVER. It's just brilliant on so many levels, the humour, the gore, the obvious nods to Evil Dead 2. Martin survived the horrible events of Dead Snow with the loss of an arm. The movie begins by recapping the first film and picks up exactly where it ended. Martin gets blamed for all the original murders and is being watched in hospital by the police as if this isn't bad enough they have re-attached his arm but it's not his arm, it's a zombie SS officer's arm, enter Evil Dead II possessed arm antics. Becoming a fugitive, Martin gets assistance from the somewhat inept US Zombie Squad, can they stop the hordes of Nazi zombies, who have a tank this time! Yes it's dripping with cheese, but it's honestly hilarious, I laughed out loud so many times when watching this movie, but not in the traditional, it's such a bad B movie I'm laughing, no I laughed because it was so funny intentionally! There's only one thing can stop a horde of Nazi Zombies and that's some Russian Army Zombies, let the mayhem commence! This is probably the finest spoof horror since Shaun Of The Dead. Watch it until the end of the credits also 😉 Trust me on this, they are cheap DVDs, so buy it and enjoy! Also watch the first one if you haven't already! Watch the trailer below

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Movie Review – Dead Snow 2, Red vs Dead

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