OK I'm late to the party here, I've only just finished watching it, the first season I really wanted to like but after each episode I was in no rush to see the next, it was almost right but just falling down just below totally grabbing me, so due to this it took me ages to get round to watching season 2. Well that was a nice surprise, I consumed season 2 in a very short binge watching length of time, much better than the first season, much much darker! I couldn't wait to see the next episode every time, the flashback episodes for Vanessa (Eva Green) were in particular outstanding! Go and watch it now if you haven't already! I have to say Billie Pipers awful attempt at a Northern Ireland accent was one of the biggest annoyances of season 1, clearly the powers that be agreed as she's lost the accent for season 2 making it much easier to watch without cringing every time she opens her mouth!

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Penny Dreadful Season 2

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