First go and buy it, you know you want to, it's the right thing to do, if you don't you'll never know how to repel an invasion of robots. Don't come crying to me when it happens!   Whoa what are you doing down here? have you clicked the link above and bought it yet? I'm watching you! So a couple of weeks ago a proof copy of the novel arrived through the post, thank you very much Mark 😉 20150210_143433 Now I hear you already, what he's only getting round to reading this now? That's not the case I devoured it over the two evenings after it arrived, I'm just an uber slacker when it comes to making a post about it!  Hold in mind I'm not a reviewer, so this is just my thoughts, we all know I like the movie (I've mentioned it enough times on the older site which this one has replaced and it's probably had a few mentions already on this new wordpress blog) so I was very excited to get a proof copy of the book. 20150210_143452 Mark Stay has scribbled all over it, this is a problem with authors, they like marking their territory. I guess I should be happy he uses a pen for doing this.  I will buy a first edition of the book as soon as it's available, I've heard there's nuggets of extra information in the back of it and I need to read them also. Mark has kindly thanked me in the 'thanks' section at the back of the book which there was no need to do but it is of course greatly appreciated, it was a pleasure to be involved with the movie. The novel follows a group of teenagers several years after Earth’s invasion by robots, the robots have confined the human survivors to their homes for the last three years. We start the story with no one actually knowing the intent of the Robots and why they are doing all of this. There is only one clear message: Robots never lie. But clearly they also lack any form of compassion, death sentences appearing to be the standard punishment for even minor infractions! The group are lead by Sean, his arch nemesis a former teacher Robin Smythe who now works for the robots. Smythe has a clear and less than honourable interest in Sean's mother, which has allowed punishment of the group to be much slacker than it should have been.  His patience is starting to wear thin as they continue to break the rules. As I said at the start I'm not a book reviewer and I'm not going to go into any depth of the actual story, plenty of websites and reviews have already done this and much better than I could even hope to. In my eyes this book is perfect for the 10 to late teens market but I'm delighted to say it's a very enjoyable tale for adults also. Honestly the book was a delight to read and hard to set down. A wonderfully dark sci-fi story with oodles of snappy humour and thankfully teens talking like teens not in an overly watered down Famous Five/Secret Seven style (showing my age much?). A lot of extra depth appears in the novel which makes it compliment the movie incredibly well, you get a much better understanding of many of the characters and get an insight to some side events not in the movie. Like the movie the novel is bursting with edge of your seat action from start to finish. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings, please do buy the novel and make sure you take a trip to the cinema on the 27th of March and watch the movie 🙂 I'll just point out one last thing, regarding the following extract from the book, I wasn't fearless, my leather trousers were just too tight which caused a general distressed  and angry look on my face. Circulation issues may have also caused arm swelling 😉 10629748_833225736744353_7903240503348951031_n Michael  

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Robot Overlords Novel by Mark Stay

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