still trying to get to grips with using skin illustrator instead of cream make-ups a lot different to use, also finding gelatin much more difficult than more expensive platinum silicone when making my prosthetics, it dries so quickly, I'm finding it hard to smooth the back out before it hardens! any tips on this please share them with me! I'm continuing to be my own worst critic, getting lots of good feedback on facebook but I'm just not happy with anything I do, I can't see past the faults :/ using a #hurtbox mould to make a wrist cut. reasonably happy with this, the edges didn't blend as well as I would have liked, sadly the gelatine went over the 'flash' are when pouring so I didn't get the cap plastic only that can be blended easily with IPA 1167_10209226832214748_6465856590008235865_n Next two photos I made a very quick sculpt and mould for, trying to get multiple tears in the skin showing the muscle below, had gelatin problems again, I think I would better using more expensive silicone but trying to save money as I'm only trying to get experience 10649804_10209226838334901_4661024951897997227_n 12512536_10209226837934891_4578623539309803617_n

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