So, on the 24th of February I stayed up until a very silly time, in fact I didn't sleep at all... Well the opportunity to speak with George RR Martin is worth a sleepless night I believe... In Santa Fe, in George's own cinema the Jean Cocteau Cinema, he was showing episodes 4.03 and 4.04. I was honoured to be asked to do a video interview with the event host Jo, George and their audience.  It must have been about 5am UK time before our moment arrived, and I'm guessing we were video linked for close to an hour. Taking questions about working on Game of Thrones via video link from George RR Martin himself is indeed a surreal experience and a great honour.  Brilliant audience and some great questions for myself and  my 3 colleagues. Shout out to Pete for the use of the conference room and IT support to make it all possible. Not very often opportunities like this come up so, big thanks to George & Jo for deeming us worthy and asking us to do it 🙂 #NightsWatchForLife

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Speaking with George RR Martin

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