Seriously stop doing it people, 90% of them are fake!  They're sold for less that than actors charge for autographs at conventions is the first big clue but they're just so bad as a general rule. Most of them don't even look right!  Take this one as an example. A) the chance of getting both Peter and Conleth to both sign the same photo are slim, when did they last appear to together at a convention or anything similar? B) Both autographs look suspect, especially Conleth's first of the loop on his 'C' he doesn't do that! Secondly he always dates all his autographs! If you want an autograph, either wait until you see the cast member at a convention or go the traditional route of sending them a fan letter with a photo and SSAE and wait patiently and hope you get a return. I know these comments are not entirely fair and there probably are a few (and I mean FEW) legit autograph sellers on ebay, but the chances are so slim of you getting a real one just don't waste your money!

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Stop buying autographs on eBay

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