ZOO, from Belfast writer-director Colin McIvor which I'm sure I may have mentioned before I had a small part in as a poacher, had its world premiere at the Chicago International Film Festival on the weekend of 14th October. It didn't win anything as far as I know but good to see it getting selected for this Festival.


Belfast 1941. Young Tom’s (Art Parkinson, Game of Thrones) zookeeper father is enlisted in the army, leaving behind his family and the newest member of the zoo, baby elephant Buster. When German air raids threaten the safety of the zoo animals, Tom and his gang of misfit friends set out to rescue Buster with the help of an eccentric animal lover (Penelope Wilton, Downtown Abbey). Inspired by true events, writer-director McIvor delivers an uplifting tale of dogged bravery. The film shot in Northern Ireland between August and September 2016 and stars Penelope Wilton, Toby Jones, Art Parkinson, Damian O’Hare, Amy Huberman and Stephen Hagan. The Chicago International Film Festival, North America’s oldest competitive film festival, actively seeks out the best in international cinema, with a view to discovering new talents. ZOO will play in the World Cinema section.  

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Zoo at Chicago International Film Festival

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